Most experts agree that the New York Knicks will draft AJ Griffin with the 11th pick

We’ve dropped so much ink at this point, spent so much time now, and dreamed so much about this potential scenario… that it probably doesn’t make sense to keep doing it over and over again. There are only hours left until we know the final decision anyway.

But we owe you the most content we can produce and that you can digest, so we’ll keep pumping darkening stuff into your veins until you overdose. Don’t blame me, that’s just how it goes.

With only 24 hours left for the Knicks to make their pick – hopefully there’s a better 5 instead of one after the Ivy Zone – we decided to check out the temperature models recently drafted by poll experts on the hottest spots out there. One has to assume that they are, in fact, after something extremely dangerous, real and secret inaccessible only to humans, right?

Here are some of these guys doing it around the interwebs and who’s seeing the Knicks draft into slot 11. All revised drafts posted as of Monday, June 20 (except Kevin O’Connors, who was updated June 17).

Jonathan Wasserman (Bleacher Report) – AJ Griffin, SF

No big explanation from Big Wass here. Wasserman has every soul that Nicks showed interest in during the draft process off the board by the time New York picks them up. Ivy (4), Mathurin (6), Sharp (7), Dyson Daniels (8), Jeremy Suchan (9) and Johnny Davis (10) all went.

Results? Griffin Lynx. Wasserman backs his decision in the fact that Mathurin will climb to the top 8 while Griffin will come out of the top ten with Susan, Doreen, and possibly even Dieng inside.

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John Hollinger (athlete) – Johnny Davis, SG

This phantom is more of what I’d do rather than be based on insider information, but we’re cool with that here too. Johnny H pins Davis’ name on the Knicks with the eleventh pick.

Hollinger loathed that the Knicks were overspending on PG at TyTy Washington, calling him a late teen, picking early twenties at best. The narrative that Hollinger is pushing is basically how the Knicks have to steer clear of the 11th decline to further deliberate this pick in order to pick first or less in this category in the future (called the 22nd Memphis pick).

Matt Babcock (Basketball News) – AJ Griffin, SF

Another expert, another Griffin pick. Hmmm…Does a pattern appear here? That might be the case, who knows!?

No real scratch here other than Detroit taking Benedict Mathurin with the 5th pick, Keegan Murray dropping to Indiana, and Doreen taking 9th overall. That leaves either AJ Griffin, Jeremy Sochan, or maybe even Nicks’ Mark Williams! How sexy!

Griffin is the one, however, with Babcock highlighting the striker’s rock-shooting and bucket-throwing talents — reaching 44.7% of depths last year on the college circuit. I will quote the most important part of the following report: “It is also worth noting that Griffin is the son of former NBA player and current Toronto Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin.”

Jonathan Giffoni (ESPN) – AJ Griffin, SF

Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy. That makes him three out of four Greaves for the Knicks! We’re getting into something here, guys. Yay!

A very similar situation to the one brought up by Babcock above. Givony bases his selection on his dummy draft that does not include trades, for the most part, he says (and we agree) that “few teams expect the Knicks to draft here when all is said and done. The team is said to be aggressively exploring scenarios in which the trade will take place. Or out of the draft altogether if he can get a starting caliber protection point.”

If forced to recruit a junior player, Griffin would be the pick, as “Griffin is arguably the best shooter in the class after making 45% of his three-pointers” and “his 7-foot wingspan gives him great defensive potential, he’s one of the smallest players in the draft and plays One of the most sought after positions in the modern NBA.”

Sam Vecenie (Athlete) – AJ Griffin, SF

This is really starting to take hold, so prepare for frustration when it’s draft time and the Knicks pick AJ, in case you don’t like the kid.

There’s something I don’t like about Vecenie’s hype about picking Knicks and AJ Griffin. In fact, it’s the first sentence of his paragraph. “Griffin is one of the most difficult players to measure in this category because of his injury history.” Not a good start. “This – combined with his inconsistent defensive play last season – gives him a little more range on the night of the draw than you’d expect.”

So… maybe New York should pass the Griffin? Well, at least our friend Sam ended up with a positive result by saying,[Griffin] It is a suite that represents the kind of potential elite shooters. He made 45 percent of 3 last season and has a natural touch like any player in the class. – AJ Griffin, SF

This link between Nix and Griffin that I found in 95% of my most respected photo drafts reminded me of a great Bob Morales quote from no bama:Not the first nor the last. “

The boys from NBADR AJ are choosing over the likes of Jeremy Suthan, Johnny Davis, Mark Williams and T. Ty Washington, all available by the time the Knicks were on the clock.

Logic? “The Knicks would be a good fit for Griffin Jr. who has an outstanding 3-point shot and an NBA ready frame. His history of injuries may put teams off, but he is a huge talent who can play a role right away.”

Comp? Jimmy Butler and some jumbo Gary Trent Jr. I can especially live with that.

AAC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals - UCF vs Memphis

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Jeremy Wu (Sports Illustrated) – Galen Doreen, C

Surprise! Wu is the first critics to have a hit on the Knicks’ eleventh pick. Woo points to the obvious fact that the Knicks are going to have a tough day ahead of them in terms of negotiating deals to raise the draft because the things New York can hang from in front of other franchises aren’t all that great all things considered.

Alas: Get center, let Mitchell Robinson go. Woo sees Duren as someone who is “physically gifted and [who] It holds some oomph as a long-term piece worth developing, particularly as one of the youngest players in the draft.” Our man also writes that[Duren]It’s a solid jump with a mature body, good hands and feet, and some untapped skill.” Not all bad, assuming Mitch is as good as he went.

Zach Harper (athlete) – Galen Doreen, C

Back to Durens back! Yes, of course!

Harper goes with a reverse motion and a similar motion to the one pulled by his SI partner Jeremy Woo and picks Duren in 11th to go to MSG. It’s interesting to note how Harper identified three “biggest needs” for the Knicks to deal with at some point during the holiday period: “Depth of the guard, defensive big guy, and 3D wings.”

Interestingly – and perhaps paints a fairly clear picture of how things override the two or three viable options in sentry positions in this chapter – Zack opens the blurb saying the Knicks “need to fix their back ground” but continues to choose focus. nations…

It makes sense, though, as Harper highlights the fact that TyTy Washington Jr. It shouldn’t happen here but later down the draft order (trade down) and that Duren should be the preferred name for targeting because it “would give New York the option of not overpaying to keep Mitchell Robinson.”

Kristen Beck (Yahoo Sports) – AJ Griffin, SF

The only realistic options left on the board in Peek’s mock draft belonged to AJ Griffin, Sochan, and (possibly) the ever-rising Ousmane Dieng. So, yes, picking the Knicks Griffin is for me the most likely outcome in this scenario.

A peek retracts her pick by saying that “if Griffin can stay healthy, he could end up being an 11th steal. He has all the physical tools to make an immediate impact in the NBA, but has struggled to consistently stay on the field due to nagging injuries during his young career. Not the worst case that can be made about AJ’s flair, but it’s really not a great case because it’s basically saying that Knicks will bet on an extraordinary what-if player.

To keep up the hopes of the New York fans, Beck notes, “The NBA’s spacing will cater to Griffin because of his strength with the ball in mismatches, and he can add a lot of volume to the wing in this Knicks team.”

Kevin O’Connor (The Ranger) – Galen Doreen, C

Straight to the point, KOC. Mitchell Robinson is a free agent. Julius Randle needs to go. Nerlence Noel can’t stay healthy. Another big plus seems like a realistic option for the Knicks.” Ah, that’s what I’m talking about.

O’Connor paints Duren as a DeAndre Jordan/Robert Williams hybrid, which is far from a jumble if you ask me, and adds that “Duren can push the edge with his distinctly athletic style, which could come in handy for guys like RJ Barrett and Obi Tobin.”

In a sentence summarizing his profile, KOC put it all together by saying that Duren as Nick would be an “explosive and jumping blocker who could instantly fill a role, as well as the youngest player likely to be drafted”.

And there’s your Knicks 11th Pick report, courtesy of Posting & Toasting and the folks over there covering the 2022 draft before Thursday’s event.

The end result:

  1. A.J. Griffin (six picks, 60%)
  2. Galen Doreen (three picks, 30%)
  3. Johnny Davis (Pick one, 10%)

Welcome home, AJ!

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