Missouri goes further, signing World Cup bill into law

Kansas City, Missouri – On a rainy Thursday at Arrowhead Stadium, Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill (SB) 652 into law. The bill establishes a sales tax exemption on tickets for the 2026 World Cup matches held in Jackson County.

The law applies only to transactions between June 1 and July 31, 2026, when the majority of World Cup ticket exchanges will take place.

The bill was sponsored by Senator John Rizzo, D-Jackson, which is legislation identical to House Rule (HB) 2544 submitted by Representative Jonathan Patterson, R-Lee Summit.

The two lawmakers who defended the bill in an effort to increase Kansas City’s chances of winning World Cup hosting surrounded Parson as he signed it.

Rizzo believes passing SB 652 was instrumental in securing the successful Kansas City bid.

“I don’t think we’d even get into the conversation without passing this bill,” Rizzo said in a phone call. “The fact that we went the extra mile, and passed the law this year… pretty much everything you need to know about how important it is – the only place he’s got a World Cup in the Midwest is where he passed that law.”

Kansas City is the only representative from the heart of the nation, the nearest city to which is Dallas. Atlanta and Houston join Dallas and Kansas City as American cities in the Central District. Monterrey and Mexico City represent Mexico in the central region.

“It’s a huge responsibility, people will look forward to Kansas City and see the Midwest on full display in the heart of America, and that’s the only look they’ll get,” Rizzo said. “We have a huge responsibility to make sure we do a great job, and I know we are going to do a great job. But we have to make sure we do our best.”

Rizzo said he did not have any talks about future legislation as the country prepares for the 2026 World Cup. He did note that there were discussions he wasn’t part of about upgrading Arrowhead Stadium, which will host World Cup matches in Kansas City, during the event.

Featured image: Senator John Rizzo, D-Jackson County, Representative Jonathan Patterson, R-Lee Summit, and his son Governor Mike Parson as he signs SB 652 in Kansas City on June 23, 2022. Rizzo and Patterson were the leading voices in passing SB 652 through the legislature. (Courtesy of Senator John Rizzo)

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