Miami Football Team 2023 Part of ACC Recruitment Increase

The Miami Football Program is one of nine ACC teams whose 2023 recruitment category ranks in the top 35. And after multiple commitments recently, Miami was ranked 33rd in the 2023 class. Miami was ranked seventh in the ACC and third in the coastal division. Clemson which ranks fourth nationally has the highest 2023 ACC Class rating.

Miami moved up significantly in the rankings in June. The Miami football program received commitments from tight-ends Jackson Carver, Red Mixca and quarterback Emory Williams in June to move from the 1940s to their current position. Four-star TE Riley Williams is expected to commit to Miami on July 1.

It would be an unusual move to take three TEs in the same class. Carver, Mixka and Williams offer different skill sets for Miami. Carver and Mikska did not play football for long after growing up playing different sports. Williams is the 2023rd seeded player at number 77 and fourth TE in the 247th Athletic Composite ranking.

For Miami to move up the rankings, it needs a higher percentage in 2023. Seven of the eight prospects currently committed to Miami for 2023 are three stars. Clemson currently has a commitment ratio of one five-star for 2023, four stars and three stars. Most ACC commitments are three-star expectations.

Louisville is currently the only other ACC program with 50 percent or more in the 2023 class. The Cardinals ranked 11th in the 2023 class with one five-star, four-star, and five-star commitment. . Five-star Robin Owens is the best in the 2023 category.

Owens committed to Louisville on Monday. Four 2023 Louisville commits to rank in the top 200 of the 247 Sports Composite Ranking. Athlete Robbie Washington, who Miami expects to be a wide receiver, is the only 2023 Hurricanes commitment to be ranked in the top 200. Washington is the 171st player in the 247 sports rankings.

By the time National Signing Day falls early in December, Miami will be expected to have signed a dismissal at over 50 percent. Ten of the 14 players who signed for Miami in the 2022 class have four stars. Miami is recruiting several excellent players who are not currently committed to 2023.

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