Lakers rumors: Kyle Kuzma and KCP could be traded


Washington Wizards guard Kyle Kuzma.

It’s been a year since the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards finalized a deal that sent Russell Westbrook to the former and Quintavius ​​Caldwell Pope, Montreal Harrell and Kyle Kuzma to the latter. Neither team ended up helping because neither of them had winning records and didn’t go to the playoffs. The Lakers have been trying to trade Westbrook for months and it looks like Washington is considering trading some of the bits they received from the trade.

The Wizards are in danger of losing star guard Bradley Beal this off season. They need to know how to make the team an attractive place for them to stay. This may require them to make a big move or two. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Kuzma and Caldwell-Pope were available on the trade block this off-season:

The Pacers have been constantly discussing Brogdon’s trades with the Knicks and the Wizards ahead of Thursday’s NBA draft, sources said, but there is a strong sense of skepticism from league officials that Brogdon will indeed move to Washington or New York in a USA-centric package. Choose number 10 or number 11.

Sources said the Wizards were willing to discuss Kyle Kuzma and Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope in business talks.

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The Lakers would like to restore KCP or Kuzma

Caldwell Pope and Kuzma weren’t always the most consistent players on the Lakers team. They will have some highs and lows. However, they always put a lot of effort into the defensive side of the field. This is something the Lakers desperately needed last season but it wasn’t.

If they could do things, they would almost certainly keep Caldwell’s Bob and Kuzma on Westbrook. Although the Lakers do not have significant commercial assets, they should keep an eye on the situation in Washington. If the Indiana Pacers trade the Wizards are eyeing doesn’t materialize, Los Angeles must see how long it will take to get the Caldwell Pop. He’s exactly the kind of player the Lakers need. Kuzma would be a good addition as well, but Caldwell-Pope is more suitable.

Lakers gain second-round pick

This offseason, Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka was working to get the team back to the draft. They haven’t had any choices to work with due to a number of deals in recent years. Fortunately for Los Angeles, they were able to make it happen.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers are giving the Orlando Magic a future second-round pick and cash for the 35th overall pick in this year’s draft.

The Lakers have done a great job finding players later in the draft in recent years. Players like Kuzma, Tallinn Horton Tucker and Ivica Zupak weren’t high picks but put on a solid career after being recruited by Los Angeles. It remains to be seen if the Lakers look to a specific player or get selected to help add potential business assets. Regardless, it’s a solid choice for the team to land without having to give up any valuable assets.

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