It’s been like that in this league for a long time

Eye in heaven judge? Wasn’t she just a Heaven Judge? Or am I stumbling? Tomatoes, tomatoes? Boiler?

And the dead zone is barely running.

Jimbo from Subridgeworth, UK

London Ticket Guaranteed! Completely mumbling. As a Tottenham fan, seeing the Packers at our stadium is a dream come true. When will the details of this weekend’s events be announced?

Plenty of time for people to know what’s up. Once everything is done, all the information will be published on our website.

Not a question just a comment I can see now – Mike bows to the Queen as he has been knighted by Sir Michael Spofford!

Ha. My dad is closer than ever. He received an honorary degree from St Mary’s College (now the University) at Twickenham, presented to him at Westminster Abbey. Sitting in the press box at Tottenham wouldn’t top that.

Brad from Komoka, Ontario

On Twitter, Andrew Brant stated that 24 of the 32 owners will need to vote for Dan Snyder as owner. Correct me if I’m wrong, but will Mr. Murphy vote for the Packers?

George from North Mankato, Minnesota

I just wanted to point out two things people forget about the greatness of Barry Sanders. During his presidency, he had 145 non-profit rushes in a 5-year period. During that same time, he accumulated losses of 1,300 yards. Can you imagine his totals had he been gifted with the luxury of a flying attack line?

It’s absolutely one of mysteries, but I also wondered if we’d seen the true greatness of Sanders in this context.

If given the choice between Payton, Sanders or Peterson, I would take Payton every time. He can run, close, catch, throw. He was a complete man from three down. Who will you choose?

Without Walter’s question, but admittedly I’m biased from my youth. I got autographed a few times growing up and I was over the moon each time.

Has anyone mentioned Jim Brown? He must be among the greats. He saw him (along with that year’s champion Cleveland Browns) hold him for less than 100 yards by the Pack in 1964 in Milwaukee, but he was a beast.

Nobody dissents from Jim Brown, everyone who asks. The discussion centered on running from competitors the Packers faced many times. Green Bay has faced Brown only three times in his career, and yes, he held him for less than 100 yards each time.

Brydon from Endicott, New York

For those of you who think the starters should play in pre-season, the Bills made their starts in the entire first half of their final pre-season game against us and proceeded to lose at home against the Steelers in week one.

And they came to a crazy end at Arrowhead by reaching another match for the AFC title.

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