Horseback riding trails near Chicago

Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to create memories with the family. Looking to add something different to your list? How about horse riding? Experience the sights and sounds of nature from a different point of view – on a horse!

A short drive from the city limits, you’ll find stables offering guided tours for passengers 10 and up. Prices generally start at $35 an hour, with some stables offering special group rates, multi-tour packages, or cash discounts.

Horse riding tips for families

  • Before you go, dress up for a comfortable ride with long jeans and 1-inch heels.
  • The stable must provide a SEI-certified helmet for each rider. To check the fit, fasten the chin strap and then try tilting the helmet up and down over your head. It should not be above your hairline or down above your eyes. If this is the case, select a helmet that is smaller, tighter chin strap, or both.
  • A guide or assistant will help you ride your horse, usually from a mounting block. Some will ask if you’ve ever ridden, but on a busy day, it may be up to you to ask for pointers if you need them.
  • Most places require a minimum age and most places are open to all levels of experience.

Whether it’s your first time riding a horse or consider yourself a horse whisperer, these sites offer horseback riding trails that are sure to be fun! Happy trails!

The best horseback riding trails near Chicago

Memory Lin’s stables

The horse stable at Willow Springs brings guests on a guided tour seven days a week through the Cook County Forest Preserves. Younger children can enjoy pony rides on the same tracks. Be sure to greet the animals at the petting zoo. The stables are open all year round, so you can imagine the beauty of horseback riding through the snowy tracks. The minimum age to ride a horse is 10 years.

Fitzjoy Farm Riding Academy

The full service facility located in Palos Highlands, offers hour-long road tours. Reservation is required as well as prepayment. Age must not be less than 10 years. Look for riding lessons and day camps in the future.

Farms overlooking the forest

Take an hour’s walk through the forest reserves at this farm in Tinley Park. During that time, children will learn to be comfortable around horses. Children under the age of 9 can still enjoy a hand held pony ride by a parent or adult. Reservations are required.

Tower Hill Stables

Embark on an hour-long journey through their eco-friendly 140-acre farm where you’ll ride through rolling hills and fields. No experience needed to enjoy, but riders must be at least 12 years old.

Wedgwood Farms and Mill Run Ranch

Beauty surrounds you as you stroll along the trail that winds through the swamps and meadows of Lake County Forest. Depending on experience, the minimum age to ride the trails is ten years. Do you have younger children? Kids as young as five can enjoy lessons that let the kids ride around with the horse – think of it as a mini trail ride!

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