Guardians 11, Twins 10: Worst loss of the season by any team in Major League Baseball

The twins won tonight. There are a lot of downsides from today’s game, but sometimes you have to win ugly and the twins did that tonight.

That’s what I would have written if the twins had already won. Instead, as usual, the reality is much worse for Minnesota fans.

Carlos Correa could have been the star tonight, mixing two solo chipsets on his first two hits to give the twins an early lead in the match. Ryan Jeffers has also continued to contribute, knocking at Gio Orchila on two separate occasions – one on a double, and one on a single punt (Wow).

However, Cleveland wasn’t going to lie down and lose tonight; Especially against the Twins Pencil with Jhoan Duran and Griffin Jax (probably, more on that later) not available.

Sonny Gray was more cloudy tonight, giving up 4 runs (3 win) in 4.0 runs of action. He started the fifth inning, but was withdrawn after giving up two innings before signing off. Caleb Thielbar allowed a third round to score on the threshold (yes, seriously) after coming on relief, but settled on the 1.1 innings without again allowing a cross.

With the match tightened to 5-4 in favor of the home team, Max Kepler went to the arena to interfere in another round. Joe Smith was next to play with the Twins, and he (barely) did his job, swinging from the crowd after an injury and walking to finish the sixth inning clean. Unfortunately, the twins fell quietly to the bottom of the inning, so Cleveland had the good fortune to hit Jaharel Cotton on the seventh.

Cotton, who is sparkling with high leverage after being DFA’ed twice earlier this season, gave up the home run to two notable hitters to allow Cleveland to take the lead. Amed Rosario (2 HR this year) and Oscar Gonzalez (also 2 HR this year) hit the solo shot and Homer off the run twice, respectively, causing Twins fans everywhere to weep and gnash their teeth.

However, the twins will return tonight. With two outs and none at the bottom of the seventh, Max Kepler walked to start a rally. This was followed by a rare single from Gary Sanchez, sending Kepler into third place. Last call-up Alex Kirillov found a hole in the left side to knock in a tie race, then followed by Minnesota folk champ Geo Orchila with a three-stroke two-stroke in order to put the good guys ahead for good.

Emilio Pagan rebounded from his poor showing yesterday to hit the side at 8. However, Rocco put him back into dangerously ninth place after the Twins fell quietly (but with some controversy over a ‘caught’ fly ball), ceding two singles to lead the inning. With slow ball player Josh Naylor on the rise, Pagan gave up the RBI double that put the runners in second and third without a win and the score is now 10-8.

Griffin Jax, presumably unavailable after being brought to rest after throwing 27 throws last night, came in to try to put out the fire. This game could become a referendum on Rocco’s management, but I really think it shows how little he has to work apart from Duran.

did not work. Oscar Gonzalez fought 0-2 on the field for another one, leading to two games to tie it. The sack hit moved Gonzalez to third, then he scored in the sack fly the next court. The half ended mercifully on the next pitch.

Now on the bottom one, the twins had to face Emmanuel Klass closest. Carlos Correa descended on three pitches. Max Kepler at least entered the 1-0 stat before walking off the field. Gary Sanchez fell without a whine to end the match.

This was one of the most frustrating games I ever summed up, and one of the most frustrating I can remember. This team won’t make playoffs unless serious moves are made to fix a bullpup that has 2 trustworthy shooters and 4 who surprise you when they give up less than 3 runs. Honestly, it’s embarrassing and a slap in the face for all of the twins’ territory that Valvey and Levin continue to do nothing but sign trash basketball players to fill in for the Bulls year after year. This (earlier today) Team “1st place” is nothing but a bunch of rednecks and they’d be lucky to have 80 wins if they did nothing about this horrific relief corps soon. Can’t wait for the deadline – this team will be third in the blink of an eye the way Cleveland is playing and Chicago could play if they keep losing games as the offense put in enough runs to win.

Sorry, I’m in bad shape and taking a fly. Now, I was intending to write a positive paragraph here, but it turns out I don’t have anything positive to say. We play again tomorrow, so in theory things could get better? We scored 10 runs, so we made it for us. October baseball game can be very cold in Minneapolis, anyway. At least it won’t get as much attention as it did when Timberwolves did the same two months ago.


I’m not in a big vacuum to hand out awards now. Props for the attack I think.

Falvey, Levine, Emilio Pagan, Jharel Cotton, Pohlad family, and my parents to raise me to be a fan of the Twins


mefoolonhill It sums it up better for me now:

“I am concerned about the long-term psychological damage we are suffering in this series.”

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