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price: $59

Justin Duino

Prior to June 2022, none of Apple’s chargers had more than one USB port. That changed with the introduction of the 35W Dual USB-C Charger and the 35W Dual USB-C Compact Power Adapter. Unfortunately, as with many Apple products, you’ll be paying a premium for more powerful third-party chargers.

This is what we love

  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • The power output is divided evenly

And what we don’t do?

  • expensive
  • Low power output for the price

In this review, we’ll just be checking out the compact alternative to Apple’s new 35W dual USB-C USB-C power adapters. As far as we can tell, both chargers work identically and cost the same. The only difference is the size and shape.

Compact design is very convenient

  • Dimensions (when closed): 1.86 x 1.86 x 1.13 inches (4.72 x 4.72 x 2.87 cm)
  • Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)
  • Plug Type: Type A (no ground pin)
  • USB-C Cable(s) Included?: number

Since the introduction and popularization of Gallium Nitride (GaN) transducers, I have enjoyed purchasing smaller and smaller chargers that produce increasing amounts of power. Instead of roving around big power blocks, I can now rely on a charger about the size of an earbud case to power my MacBook, iPhone, and everything in between.

So when Apple unveiled the 35W Dual USB-C Integrated Power Adapter at WWDC 2022 along with the redesigned MacBook Air, I was really excited at first. That enthusiasm faded when I discovered that it would cost just under $60 and would only provide 35 watts of power.

Now that the small 35W power adapter is available for purchase and I’ve used the charger for several days, I have a few ideas for the charger. Size and build quality are exactly what you’d expect from Apple. It’s small enough to fit in any daypack or backpack and feels like a $60 product, with a glossy exterior and a soft-touch wall-facing plastic interior.

One of the great features of the Apple Power Adapter is that it doesn’t matter which USB-C port you’re using. Some third-party chargers, such as the UGREEN Nexode 65W, label each port so you can decide how much power you should expect from it.

On the other hand, the integrated 35W dual USB-C USB-C power adapter does not prioritize one port over the other. You’ll get the full advertised output when you connect one device capable of accepting 35 watts of power to either port.

Connecting two USB-C cables requires the charger to automatically split the output based on the device’s power requirements. The Apple Support page provides several examples of how the 35W charger is divided into its output:

  • If you connect a Mac notebook computer and an iPhone or iPad, each device receives up to 17.5 watts.
  • If you connect the iPhone and iPad, each device receives up to 17.5 watts.
  • If you connect a Mac notebook or iPhone and your Apple Watch or AirPods, your Mac notebook or iPhone receives up to 27.5 watts and your Apple Watch or AirPods receives up to 7.5 watts.

Of course, if you have a device like the MacBook Pro that uses more than 35 watts of power, you should unplug any other device so that the electricity can reach your laptop as much as possible. As we’ll discuss below, if you have a power-hungry device, you’re better off buying a non-Apple charger (and maybe save a few bucks).

Third-party chargers offer more for the money

As previously discussed, GaN power inverters have become my favorite at home and on the go. Not only are they smaller than traditional chargers, they are also much cheaper.

For example, my favorite charger is the Aukey Omnia Duo 65W charger. It’s about $20 cheaper than Apple’s 35W Dual USB-C Integrated Power Adapter, provides an additional 30W of power, is nearly identical in size, and also has two USB-C ports.

Take a look at our best charger posts or scroll through Amazon and you’ll find countless multiport USB-C chargers that offer more power or less money. While some of them don’t match Apple’s refined design, they provide more bang for your buck.

Plus, if you have a laptop or portable gaming system like the Nintendo Switch that requires more power, paying for a third-party charger means you won’t need to carry multiple power adapters with you. One high capacity charger is all you need on your next trip.

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Should You Buy an Apple 35W Dual USB-C Compact Charger?

At the end of the day, Apple’s compact 35W Dual USB-C Charger does what it’s supposed to do, and it does just fine. Plug in your MacBook Air and iPhone, and they will both charge in no time. So if this power adapter is your only option, I have no problem recommending it.

But in a world where better chargers are available for less money, it’s really hard to recommend Apple’s powerhouse build. You would be better off spending your money on something that offers more power and port selection.

You can buy a 35W dual USB-C mini-port charger directly from Apple or BestBuy for $59.

This is what we love

  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • The power output is divided evenly

And what we don’t do?

  • expensive
  • Low power output for the price

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