Emergency evacuations: is your carry-on baggage worth dying for?

Passengers who snatched their bags before exiting the jet that caught fire after landing gear collapsed in Miami are far from the anomaly.

Video shot Some passengers heading to the emergency lane on a RED Air flight showed some bags of suitcases and wheeled bags, raising fears that they may have halted an evacuation that was every second critical.

Aviation writer Edward Russell from Skift On social media when the video clip went online.

“Can we have a frank discussion about which travelers take baggage with them during an emergency evacuation?” he wrote.

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But research and other weather emergencies suggest that many others would have behaved much the same way.

A 2018 survey by the UK’s Royal Aviation Society found that more than a third of respondents ignore warnings in the event of an aircraft emergency and seize their belongings.

The research, which tested 2,000 travelers, found that 35 percent would try to bring their belongings with them in the event of an emergency.

Terry Buckland, president of the Royal Aeronautical Society, said: daily Mail That survey included some “disturbing findings”.

“Safety instructions for airline operators require passengers to leave all their belongings in case of emergency evacuation for safety reasons,” he said.

“Passengers will not have a full appreciation of the nature and severity of the emergency and should not ignore or question crew orders.”

Those who insist on reclaiming baggage in times of crisis have become a major concern for flight attendants, who are responsible for quickly evacuating planes.

Sarah Nelson, president of the Flight Attendants Association – CWA, told The New York Times.

“This has been identified as a safety hazard by [US] The National Transportation Safety Board and confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration.”

There were 126 people on board the RED Air flight.
Pedro Portal / AP

There were 126 people on board the RED Air flight.

The issue of passengers evacuating planes with bags was also highlighted in 2015, when photos emerged of passengers fleeing a British Airways plane that caught fire in Las Vegas with hand luggage.

Recently, an Instagram user, Fly with TonyPassengers were captured during the evacuation of a Ryanair flight in Barcelona with small bags.

If you must evacuate a plane, your only priority should be to get out as quickly as possible, Frank Jackman, a spokesperson for the American Flight Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides guidance and resources to the aviation and space industry, told New York times.

“There is not much in your carry-on that is worth dying for,” he said. “And you don’t want to be the cause of someone else’s injury.”

RED Air is a low-cost airline that was launched last November.

Pedro Portal / AP

RED Air is a low-cost airline that was launched last November.

RED Air plane crashed on the runway of Miami International Airport in the United States, with 126 people on board.

Greg Chen, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, said the fire started after the landing gear of the MD-82 plane collapsed on arrival from the Dominican Republic.

Three passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries, while the others were taken by bus to the terminal.

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