DTM Electric targets start date 2024, prototype operational in 2023

After a demonstration car debuted at the 2020 Hockenheim Final, DTM revealed at Norrisring last year a 1,000-hp concept model that will form the basis of the single-model championship.

Resl told Imola’s Motorsport.com that this is “really very close to a prototype [in] development”.

He explained that the ITRs are close to finalizing the specifications to start building the prototype ready for testing next year.

“At least for the prototype in 2023, we have to be safe,” he said.

“2024 is the planned target, but with electronic things right now you’re looking at 48 weeks of delivery time, so it depends on how many teams we have and how many cars we can do in terms of purchases.”

However, ITR is open for a start of 2025 which should allow manufacturers currently without GT electric offerings to develop products first, with Resl emphasizing “we don’t want to rush into something”.

“We’ve seen everything from, ‘Hey guys, get this faster and we’re on our way to,’ we don’t actually have a car to promote the activity,” he said.

“If we get to 2025, more manufacturers will have a real product they want to see, but 2024 will give them a head start so they can actually showcase a car that doesn’t exist. [yet]. “

Asked how important the success of DTM Electric is to ITR, Resl said: “It’s natural so we’d like to bring a product that works in the market.

“The luxury with DTM is that we have the combustion program to give the option of adding something, rather than deciding how we have to do it.

“We are quite flexible because we have the platform and on the platform we can do different things.

DTM كهربائية electric car

Photo by: DTM

“On the one hand, if you make DTM fossil-fuel-free, and you add DTM Electric, is it necessary for both to work? Sure.

“And there is no reason to believe that DTM Electric cannot succeed in the way we want to do business.”

ITR is also seeking special clothing and Resl said he would “like to see the Uber team” as well as the manufacturer’s entries.

Amid the rise in the cost-effective LMDh platform, which allows manufacturers to use their own design cues and combustion engines on a specification LMP2 chassis and mated to a common hybrid unit, Resl said ITR will “give latitude in some areas relevant to OEMs.”

But he emphasized that the car would “basically carry the same signature” for its initial three-year homologation period before it could “unlock more”.

Resl added that DTM Electric will not use “synthetic tricks” and is set to closely resemble DTM’s current weekend format to prepare the grid for sprint races.

“There is everything possible from two sprint races with charging in between, or a long sprint race without charging,” he said.

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