Deandre Ayton’s next team odds of winning (Pistons, Tottenham leading the way)

Four years ago this week, the Phoenix Suns recruited Deandre Ayton first overall – ahead of Luka Doncic, Trae Young and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Now, after two of the best seasons in franchise history and the advent of the NBA Finals, the Suns seem ready to part with Ayton.

It was reported that Ayton and the Suns did not see eye to eye in contract negotiations. The predicament is simple. Ayton sees himself as a maximum player. Suns don’t do that.

As a result, rumors started swirling about whether Ayton would be traded or whether Suns would simply refuse to match the bid sheet that came for him.

With all the noise surrounding Ayton, let’s put together odds of where the young star will play next year.

Detroit Pistons (+100)

The Pistons were the team most associated with Ayton. With Jeramy Grant gone, there is a gaping hole in the front court for the young Pistons. The pistons have a nice cornerstone piece in Cade Cunningham and will have a dynamic two- and two-way punch with Ayton there. Detroit also ranks fifth in this year’s draft, which means it could be on the cusp of creating a core that can bring the team back to competitive status.

San Antonio Spurs (+350)

San Antonio has been looking for an essential part of its franchise ever since Kawhi Leonard left. Dejounte Murray made the All-Star Team, but he’s reportedly in the trade rumors too. Should Spurs decide to keep Murray, pairing him with a skilled senior like Ayton would be a great combination for the future. The Western Conference is loaded, but iTunes moving teams will bring Tottenham closer to the playoffs once again.

(+500) Phoenix Suns

When there is a lot of smoke, there must be a fire. Historically, The Suns have been one of the bands who care more about cap space, luxury taxes, and saving money than winning. If the Suns did indeed describe iTunes as a “non-Max player”, I’m not sure he could do much to change their minds.

The Suns are at the end of their tournament window, which will be closed if Ayton leaves. Suns was handing out money and specifically left iTunes out of the party. I find it hard to believe they’ve changed their minds now.

(+650) Brooklyn Nets

This option needs a lot of things to happen, but the possibilities are there. First, Kyrie Irving and the Nets will need to go their separate ways. Then Kevin Durant should be disgusted if the Nets let Irving walk in and ask for a deal. After these two steps, Brooklyn will have to try to salvage everything they have left from this era and make a beacon and trade for Ayton.

Again, many things have to happen, but the NBA has never really surprised us.

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