Colts and Titans compete for the South Asian title

From the start of the NFL draft to its conclusion, only one division saw the preferred change in BetMGM odds.

The AJ Brown trade was a pretty big deal.

The Tennessee Titans decided they didn’t want to pay Brown, one of the most talented recipients in the NFL, so they traded him for the Philadelphia Eagles. They used their first-round pick in the trade to take the Treylon Burks receiver, but we don’t know if Burks can be close to Brown, especially as a beginner.

That’s why the Titans moved from their AFC South bet to second in the standings.

Ponies and titans top the odds in South Asia

The Indianapolis Colts took first place in betting odds in South Asia after the Giants traded Browns. Here are BetMGM’s odds of winning the AFC South title:

Colt +105

Titans +125

Jacksonville Jaguars +650

Houston Texas +2500

The Titans didn’t slip away, but it was still important not to favor them anymore. The Titans won the AFC South last season despite several major injuries, so you can’t count them, but they’re weak in the passing game. Derek Henry will be back, but it’s worth asking if last season’s injury was a bad sign for a comeback who had an incredible number of touches in his career and is now 28 years old.

The Colts had a disappointing 2021 season, missing the playoffs with a stunning final loss to Jaguar, but they believe they fixed a problem by switching quarterbacks. Carson Wentz is out and Matt Ryan. The Colts have a good roster and if changing a quarterback is an upgrade, they are the favorites in the division.

Derek Henry and the Titans are trying to replicate the South Asian title. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Jaguar, Texas still building

Picking the AFC South is easier than some divisions because you can reasonably exclude two teams.

Maybe you’re a Jaguar believer, and that’s okay. Trevor Lawrence was a generation prospect for a reason. Jacksonville added talent in the offseason. Signing Urban Meyer was such an irreversible disaster that perhaps all the bad things that happened last season can be attributed to a coach who has already been fired, and new coach Doug Pederson could turn things around. It still feels like any big Jaguar leap is a year away, but betting on them against them isn’t crazy.

It’s very difficult to speak for yourself that Texas is such a big surprise. Perhaps they were lucky when they went 4-13 last season with a short roster, then fired coach David Cooley to replace Luffy Smith. There was not a huge infusion of talent in the off-season. It would be a surprise—and potentially an indictment of which direction the Jaguar is headed—if Texas didn’t finish last.

Unless the Jaguars make a big jump (again, Meyer was so bad that the Jaguars could have been better with six or seven wins by simply removing him), the AFC South feels like a race between two teams. The difference in who would win might be which receiver the Titans sent to Philadelphia.

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