Brown’s Nation News & Notes (6/23/22)

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It’s Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The Cleveland Browns continue to await a ruling on Deshaun Watson.

There is a lot of speculation, but we know very little except for how the process works.

In the meantime, here’s the Thursday edition of Browns Nation news and notes.

1. TE Browns Studying at TE University

Fans hoping to see many of David Njoku’s highlights in 2022 will appreciate this news.

Ngoku represents Al Brown at TE Travis Kelsey University in Nashville, Tennessee from June 22 through June 24.

A large group is expected to participate and so far 24 players have committed to attend.

The event also includes a Kelce-themed charity event for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

If this story sounds familiar, it could be because Ngoku will also be attending the event in 2021.

If he played Watson, many would expect Njoku to have a breakout year.

Brown used the franchise tag during the spring to retain Njoku before completing a 4-year, $56.75 million contract extension late last month.

2. Joe Haden’s Instagram Asks Questions

Former Browns linebacker Joe Hadden posted a picture of himself in a Browns costume on Instagram on Wednesday.

Haden, 33, is a 12-year NFL veteran.

He spent the first seven seasons of his career with the Browns before jumping to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns’ North Asian opponent, where he has been for the past five.

Haden is a free agent so it could mean one of two things.

He rejoins Brown in 2022, or he signs a one-day deal to retire from Brown.

stay tuned

3. Here is the youth movement

Cleveland’s professional athletes are young adults.

The average age of Cavaliers, Guardians and Browns players is around 25 years.

These are the early years to win championships for a city that deserves it.

4. Happy Anniversary to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Several people took to social media on Wednesday to recall the 6th anniversary of the Cavs Championship Parade.

On this winning note, Happy Friday Browns fans!

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