Are Denver Broncos GM George Patton criminally underestimated?

Does Denver Broncos General Manager George Patton deserve more respect than he gets? Button is not yet considered among the best GMs in the league.

George Patton, general manager of the Denver Broncos, knows he has a long way to go in the NFL as a top executive.

Earlier this season, Button ranked himself “7-9 General Manager” because that was the Denver Broncos’ record last year.

However, it’s still too early in the process to tally the team’s record against Button, who has inherited a roster created by John Elway and Matt Russell over the past few years.

While it’s certainly fair that Patton doesn’t count his chickens before they hatch, he shouldn’t mind going ahead and doing it for him.

I think George Patton is running criminally Underrated as an executive, starting with one simple fact:

Many people still honestly believe that John Elway is the person who runs the team from a day-to-day general management perspective.

As in many.

Why isn’t George Patton featured on some of these off-season lists of fun?

Patton and the front office of the Denver Broncos were ranked 14th in the league among executives and front offices overall by the Pro Football Network.

I’m not sure how anyone would have kept Patton out of the top ten of these specific lists.

Do some of the CEOs listed before Patton deserve credit for what they have done throughout history like Bill Belichick?


Does Mickey Loomis deserve credit for moving about $100 million over the salary cap nearly every year to compile his roster? yes.

Does Brandon Bean and Les Snead deserve credit for putting together some lists of the absolute juggernaut genre?

100 percent, yes.

However, let’s pay some respects to George Patton, who may have been a “7-9 General Manager” in his rookie year in the business, but other events occurred that should have Patton higher on these objective lists.

He and his staff won the award For the best class of 2021 NFL Draft.

He gave big money deals to key players on this list in Cortland Sutton, Tim Patrick, and Justin Simmons.

He made a successful deal with quarterback Russell Wilson, filling the team’s greatest need in the past six years.

He was out in free agency and pulled his top target – Randy Gregory’s pass – away from the Dallas Cowboys after the Cowboys had already reached a contractual agreement with Gregory.

He’s made so many other smaller moves that Patton should get recognition from people who really know the game, but at this point his contributions are a bit understated.

The Best Project of 2021 award certainly contrasts with that, but at this point, it’s about more than just being 7-9 last season. It’s about having the Denver Broncos have legitimate Super Bowl hopes again just barely 18 months into Button’s tenure as team general manager.

This guy was great, and we know he’s well respected in the league already. It’s only a matter of time before everyone else starts paying attention too.

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