8 Meaningless Things About Jurassic World Dominion

release Jurassic World Dominion It was met with great excitement from fans, as the film did a great job at the box office. It also represents the end of a file jurassic world The trilogy and arc of the six-film movie Jurassic Park The series, which makes its events significant. However, there are many questions that are left unanswered due to the difficulty of understanding them.

From issues like Ian Malcolm’s out-of-character association with Biosyn to Lewis Dodgson’s hilarious plans that were easy to unravel, Jurassic World Dominion It would have left many scratching their heads in confusion. It is worth looking back at the absurdities for a summary of major events that merit an explanation.

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Why did Ian Malcolm work at Biosyn?

Ian Malcolm vs Louis Dodgson in Jurassic World Dominion

There is an evil authority figure in every Jurassic Park made movie, with Dodgson taking the role for Jurassic World Dominion. Ian Malcolm was famous for his opposition to such figures of authority and the idea of ​​dinosaurs roaming the earth freely, both of which opposed him by joining Biosyn.

Ian learned about Biosyn’s sinister activities after his appointment, which does not explain why he joined such a company that does not align with his values ​​and beliefs. Given how cool he was when he was fired, it’s strange how Ian was persuaded to become an employee when he wasn’t excited about it.

Why was Biosyn security so lax?

Aerial view of BioSyn Reserve from Jurassic World Dominion

The adventures of the original trio of heroes in Biosyn were a Jurassic Park signal in jurassic world Because the layout of the place was similar to InGen. What didn’t make sense was how such a top-secret place could have such a lax security that Alan and Ellie wandered into their forbidden spots.

Furthermore, Dodgson and his crew witnessed Alan and Ellie’s trespassing, but did not have the manpower to arrest them despite Dodgson having such a huge facility at his disposal. The heroes did not have any difficulties in moving from one place to another and simply outperformed anyone after them with a minimum of problems.

Why Was Dodgson’s Locust Side Project So Huge?

Jurassic World Dominion Locusts Age of Dinosaurs

one of the things jurassic world does better than Jurassic Park The effects are so widespread that they are driving home that the dangers here are greater than before. Dodgson ordered the use of locusts to destroy crops without Biosyn seed, which he claimed was just a side project.

Dodgson’s plans were lackluster at best because Biosyn’s sinister activities were easy to trace – it became clear to people like Ellie that the locusts were harming Biosyn’s seed crops. If Dodgson isn’t serious about it, it doesn’t make sense that his side project would be so disruptive and easy to keep track of.

Why does the government allow carnivorous dinosaurs to coexist with humans?

One of the improvements Jurassic World Dominion is over Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom It was showing the influences of dinosaurs around the world. While fans were able to see how dinosaurs fused with humans and animals, it didn’t make sense why carnivores lived so openly so close to civilization.

The Pteranodon family was shown nesting on a skyscraper during the film, which appears to be very dangerous. It has been proven that governments and companies such as Biosyn can easily capture these creatures, which means that petranodons have been allowed to live where they are. However, the fact that they can eat humans so easily makes it hard to believe that the government was okay with letting these dangerous animals roam free.

How did dinosaurs spread around the world?

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom It showed that some buyers bought dinosaurs at a Lockwood Mansion auction and stole them. Meanwhile, Maisie released many others into the wilderness, which then became free in the human world. Despite this, there is no explanation that there were so many dinosaurs Jurassic World Dominion.

The movie depicted dinosaurs all over the world and that should not be possible because the number of dinosaurs released was not nearly as many. In addition, the dinosaurs that were auctioned must remain in captivity, yet many of the captive species have been released. Jurassic World Dominion without explanation.

Why did Suyona target Santos Owen instead of Barry with the Birds of Prey?

Soyona Santos in Jurassic World Dominion

Soyona Santos’ involvement in the plot ended in Malta when she was arrested by Barry Simpone. Her last act was to induce Owen’s trained raptors, who chased him all the way to the runway until he managed to escape—Suyuna’s decision is inherently flawed.

After all, it made sense for her to target Barry instead of Owen because he was the first to hit her at gunpoint. Soyuna’s arrest meant that she no longer needed to be loyal to Dodgson and no longer needed to get Owen out of the way. Her decision to go for petty revenge on an easy way to escape is baffling and unresolved.

How is Kayla adequately equipped to rescue Claire?

Jurassic World Sovereignty Dewanda the Wise Kayla

Kayla was reluctant to help Claire when the latter asked for her help in the underground dinosaur market. She ends up changing her mind and taking Claire and Owen on her plane to rescue Maisie. This noble turn came suddenly, especially since Kayla was in the right place when she had no reason to be.

Claire was chased by a bird of prey around the rooftops of Malta and dangled precariously from the balcony when Kayla was suddenly standing below. The area was some distance from the black market, which meant Kayla shouldn’t have been there. On top of that, Kayla had the keys to the truck that Claire fell on, which is another plot point that’s hard to believe.

Why didn’t Henry Wu face the consequences of his actions?

Henry Wu next to a corpse of a locust in Jurassic Dominion World

Henry Wu is indirectly the biggest villain in jurassic world The series, having created the Indominus Rex, the Indorapter, and the Locusts that destroyed the world’s crops. He was at the center of all the world’s disasters and yet he did not face any justice in the end Jurassic World Dominion.

Wu was last seen roaming freely in a field where he released the treated locusts. While he may have redeemed his evil deeds, Wu was nevertheless guilty and should have been brought to court. Oddly enough, Alan, Ellie, and Ian were seen testifying against Biosyn in the conclusion, but the company’s chief geneticist has gone too far.

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