5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys ahead of training camp in 2022

We’ve officially entered a lull in the Dallas Cowboys Office. Until bootcamp kicks off on July 25th in Oxnard, California, we don’t have much new to discuss regarding Team America. Hopefully only this downtime remains. If there is any breaking news, it will likely be of the negative kind.

Since we have this downtime, we thought we’d try to make some bold predictions for the Cowboys before starting training camp this year. While some of them may be considered mild in nature as far as bold predictions go, others can be on the brink of being weird.

Trysten Hill finally proves the skeptics wrong

Unfortunately, issues of immaturity landed Trysten Hill in the kennel with the Cowboys coaching staff as a rookie and a season-ending injury in his second season lasting into Year 3 hampered his development. Now healthy, and fully prepared off-season, the former Dallas pick for the 2019 second round has no excuses for not playing at a high level entering into his general contract.

With his immaturity and health issues, now hopefully he will stand behind him, Number 72 has a chance of it finally He proves his skeptics wrong, and that’s exactly what we’d expect. That’s right, Hill is poised for a breakout season in 2022. All the attributes (size, strength and agility) that made him a pick for Round Two should be on full display during bootcamp training and in pre-season matches.

Tony Pollard stars as the versatile RB/WR

Tony Pollard may or may not be the next Depo Samuel, but the Dallas Cowboys would be wise finally He used it in a similar sort of wide running back/receiver role in 2022. Already in minicamp and OTA practices, he’s been spotted splitting as WR in the slot more often, hinting at his participation in a more offensive manner. But, how many and how often remains to be seen.

After putting together a total of 1,056 yards as a runner and receiver last season, the projected increase in touchdowns should lead to a higher No. 20 production in 2022. Don’t be surprised at all to see him perform as one of the top starters. Cowboys have them in training camp and pre-season games. We all know what he’s capable of, so perhaps expecting him to shine in the versatile RB/WR role isn’t such a bold expectation after all.

Sam Williams challenges starting work at RDE

With Randy Gregory gone, and his talents transferred to the Denver Broncos via free agency, a proper defensive point against DeMarcus Lawrence would be ready to grab 2022. Knowing the system, but we can’t rule out other players like Dante Fowler, Tarrell Basham, Chauncey Goulston or Sam Williams.

Whoever emerges as the favourite in the RDE is a must-see site battle at training camp. While previous experience favors some of the other DEs who may be ahead of him in the depth scheme, Sam Williams’ speed and athleticism are sure to catch the attention of the coaching staff. He’ll probably be tapped as a fast-passing specialist as a rookie, but don’t take him out of the pressure to get started after you get out of training camp.

Tyler Smith proves to be an upgrade in LG

One of the biggest mysteries heading into training camp for the Dallas Cowboys is how Tyler Smith, who was selected in the first round of the year as a replacement for Conor Williams in the left guard, performs. Having played tough left-handing in college in Tulsa, Smith is now called upon to run to LG to help hopefully cement the Cowboys’ offensive line in 2022. How he ends up playing as a rookie can have a huge impact on the team’s success or failure that the classroom.

According to reports from minicamps and OTAs, the 73rd player has impressed the coaching staff and teammates with his gameplay and demeanor. His strength and athletic life have been cited as the reasons behind his success in the junior campaign, but until sanitary pads appear, and workouts begin to gain more physique, it remains to be seen if this is true. When that happens, we can expect it to prove to be an upgrade in LG.

Leighton Vander Eshe looks like his former self in the Pro Bowl

In 2018, the junior season for Leighton Vander Esch, he looked like the next star quarterback. The franchise rookie record has amassed 140 totals (102 singles), seven pass deflections, and two interceptions in 16 games with 11 starts. This production earned him his first, and so far only, nomination for the Pro Bowl. Since then, injuries and other issues have prevented him from producing these kinds of numbers.

Despite a nearly four-year hiatus, things are shaping up well for LVE to return to its former Pro Bowl self in 2022 after signing a one-year deal to return to the Dallas Cowboys. Not only has his role continued to improve over the course of last season under Dan Quinn, but he will be heading sharply towards this season due to the current lack of depth in the LB left-back. Plus, playing alongside a superstar like Micah Parsons should boost his playing level as well.

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