2 QBs The Browns Could Sign If Deshaun Watson Was Suspended All Year

(Photo by Nick Camett/Getty Images)

The Deshaun Watson saga seems to be getting worse over time.

This week, he has reportedly settled 20 of the lawsuits he faces, but an NFL spokesperson said it would have no impact on what they decided to do as much as any potential discipline.

Suspension appears to be looming three times from the Pro Bowler, and Dawg Pound fears it will be heavy suspension, perhaps for the entire 2022 season, or longer.

Watson’s camp was reportedly expecting an upcoming NFL decision on a possible penalty either this month or next month.

Brown needs to start making a contingency plan so they can at least stay afloat if and when Watson isn’t allowed to play, which could include bringing in another midfielder to fill in.

There are two types of QBs, in particular, that Cleveland may want to consider.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is currently a free agent, and his electric and mercurial personality makes it unlikely that he would accept being back-up with signs.

But if Watson isn’t allowed to play all year, this could be a chance for Newton to rehabilitate his image.

Not long ago, he was considered one of the best QBs in football, as he was Offensive Player of the Year in 2011 and claimed the Pro Bowl title in two of his first three seasons.

In 2015, he won the NFL MVP award while leading the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance.

But he has since fallen from grace.

Last year, he returned to the Panthers for several matches, but failed to achieve the required level.

Newton comes with his thorns, his ego included, but he might be the best among the free agent QBs that Brown can simply pick up in a pinch to cover the suspended Watson.

At 33, he’s not quite as old, and while he may be a far cry from what he was several years ago, perhaps Cleveland should consider taking a flyer on him.

Colin Kaepernick

In recent months, Colin Kaepernick, 34, was reported to have worked with at least one team as he sought a return to the NFL.

Several years ago, he escorted the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII, and had it not been for the pass interference that some say should have gone against the Baltimore Ravens, Kaepernick might have knocked out New Orleans with a championship world.

But he effectively sacrificed his professional career when he began kneeling during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 to protest the multiple unjust shootings of unarmed black individuals.

Many feel that he was blackballed because he had the courage to take a public stand on such a hot social and political issue.

Last month, Kaepernick was reported to have had a practice run with the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Seattle Seahawks showed some interest in him earlier in the season.

With elite Nick Chap on hold, head coach Kevin Stefanski may be able to find a way to work around Kaepernick’s pocket deficiencies, but if he’s in good shape, he probably wouldn’t be the worst option for Brawn’s side. He is without Watson.

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