What’s up with Oklahoma’s commitment to Billy Walton and visiting Texas?

STILLWATER – I get it and I know Oklahoma fans are asking, What’s up. This past weekend, Oak Grove, Los Angeles, Cam Franklin, one of the class’s most significant undertakings and a commitment since November 21, 2021, made an official visit to UCLA. Since then, he told Pokes Report nothing has changed, and he’s committed to the Cowboys. He just wanted to have a backup plan and didn’t make any more visits. Now, Billy Walton III, the surprising accelerator who helped Dallas’ South Oak Cliff School win the state championship last season, has confirmed that he will be making a visit this weekend to Texas.

“Yes, I’m going to visit Texas this weekend,” Walton III said over the phone. “Oklahoma State is the only one I’ve ever visited and I don’t think about flop (his commitment). I just want to see college, and see what’s different. Don’t worry, I’m committed to Oklahoma State.”

I don’t think Texans look at it that way. The Longhorns and Walton II said Texas Defense Coordinator “Coach PK” (Pete Kwiatkowski) is recruiting him. He confirmed that his acquaintances in Oklahoma State are defensive line coach Greg Richmond and employment analyst DJ Linton. He also spoke frequently with defensive coordinator Derek Mason and spoke with coach Mike Gundy.

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Walton with sack last season.

Walton is associated with a current Oklahoma State player and former Cowboy player as well. He is associated with AJ Green and the starting corner of the current state of Oklahoma and one of the real leaders now in defense at Jabbar Muhammad. Walton visited Oklahoma State for the end of spring football weekend and had this to say about his state visit when he committed to Oklahoma State on April 26.

“Honestly, it’s all well in my blood and family,” Walton III said back in April. ” mighty [Muhammad’s] There, AJ [Green]; I already knew what the atmosphere was like there. From that moment on, I was like, “I just got down there and see for myself,” because I couldn’t make the decision without coming to Oklahoma. I love him there, so I just had to see how he is.

“In terms of the visit, it was frankly perfect,” Walton III continued. “They kept it real, no lies were told, and they showed me a lot of things. So yeah, the deal was done for me.”

Walton III (6-3, 220) said that’s it and he’s not planning any more visits now. Apparently he only made one visit and this visit to Texas will be the second of the five that each recruit is allowed. When I first spoke to Walton III, I told him, “I didn’t care what he was doing, I just needed the truth.” I think he gave it to me. This is not unusual, but like all recruiting activity, it has been promoted in the calendar. Some early commitments have always developed a desire to make other visits back there like all prospects who visit in the summer. This process used to happen more late in the football season or in the last month before the old signing day on the first Wednesday of February.

Robert Allen – Pokes Report

Texans can shoot Oklahoma any way they like, but this locker room was a good room for a cowboy.

Nobody wants to take it that way, especially not the Oklahoma State football team or the Cowboys fans, but that’s a compliment. Texas wants Walton 3 and doesn’t seem to want to play against him. Looking at coverage from Texas websites, they are playing the role of Texans. Not surprisingly, one site had the news as premium coverage. They should check social media as it is all over the recruitment forms. One site used a rare photo of Texas defenders stopping Oklahoma State holding off Jaylene Warren without a run in the Cowboys’ 32-24 Texans win (their sixth win in the last seven meetings in Austin and their fifth win in the last seven meetings overall). Warren had 193 yards in 33 buggies in the game in Austin. Of course, Texas websites are nowhere near reporting these findings. We are publishing it out of fairness. That too, Texans have won two of their last three games.

Last season, Walton III had a total of 55 tackles, 21 tackles to lose and 12 sacks on his way to helping the SOC win 23-14 over Liberty Hill for the Texas State Class 5A Division II title, the first Dallas ISD state championship in 63 years.

As one of the top 100 potential Texans and a senior in the Golden Bears, I expect that he will do even better this season.

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