Social media reacts to OU’s 5-1 win over Texas A&M

David Sandlin’s performance was a throwback to the ages. In Game Two of the Blacksburg Super Regional, Sandlin only lasted 3.2 rounds and allowed five earned runs. He got in for a third of the game against the Aggies Friday night in the Sooners’ 13-8 win but it didn’t last long before he made way for Trevin Michael.

On a day when Urgent players needed to be “hypnotized” the most, he showed up ready to take control and properly put the Aggies to sleep by hitting the side at the top of the first half. He rocked his last two runs to put together a masterpiece, hitting 12 Aggies and throwing seven innings of one-running ball. Texas A&M’s only run, a single shot to start the sixth inning. Sandlin then retired the next six hits before Michael stepped in and pitched Schulten to finish off Texas A&M.

His efforts propelled the Sooners to the College World Series final for the first time in nearly 30 years. It was a walk of the ages for Sandlin who helped Jimmy Crooks run home in the first half.

The Oklahoma Sooners are heading into the College World Series final and will face another Arkansas semi-final winner or Ole Miss. But before we get to enjoy more of the College World Series in baseball, let’s enjoy the Sooners 5-1 win with the best reactions from social media.

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