Presentation of the 2026 FIFA World Cup as a result of “cooperation between the two countries”

Topeka, Kansas (WIBW) – Governor Laura Kelly said Kansas City’s bid for the 2026 World Cup – which was a success – was the result of cooperation between the two nations and a testament to Kansas’ commitment to tourism.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly said Wednesday, June 22, that she shared with Lt. Toland how Kansas has contributed — and will benefit from — FIFA’s inclusion of Kansas City as one of 16 North American cities to host the 2026 World Cup.

“Tens of thousands of football fans from around the world will soon come to Kansas and see all that our great state has to offer,” said Kelly. “Securing this offer was the result of a years-long partnership between my administration, Missouri, and Kansas City leaders. I expect that the economic benefits will extend far beyond the Kansas metro area, as hotels, restaurants, and small businesses see cash flow before and during the World Cup.”

Securing the bid was a two-state effort, Kelly said. She said Lieutenant Governor and Minister of Commerce David Toland and Chief Commercial Strategy Officer Trent Armprost sat on the Executive Committee for the 2026 World Cup at KC.

During a presentation to the FIFA delegation in the fall of 2021, Toland emphasized that momentum for the event has been building in Kansas City for a significant amount of time – as well as excitement in the already passionate football community.

It was the two-state regional approach that made the difference and won the bidding. “Neither Kansas City nor Kansas nor Kansas City, Missouri, could have secured these games on their own,” Toland said. “I was proud to serve on the Executive Committee for the Kansas City 2026 FIFA World Cup and help make the case for the FIFA delegation that Kansas City is ready to play on the world stage. What will be the biggest event in Kansas City history is the result of hard work, a partnership between the two nations and a shared vision. “.

While Missouri will host World Cup games at Arrowhead Stadium, the governor indicated that Kansas will provide Children’s Mercy Park in Sporting Kansas, the Pinnacle National Development Center and the University of Kansas Health System Training Complex as potential locations for training and coaching.

Kelly said FIFA officials and the US soccer delegation saw the state’s investment in quality of life and tourist facilities such as the Kansas Speedway, Legends shopping district and soccer field when they attended the US women’s national team game at Mercy Park.

“FIFA recognized the metropolitan area for what it is – a world-class city and the capital of American football,” Kelly said.

With four more years to plan for the World Cup, Kelly said Soccer Capital’s welcome will be an unforgettable one.

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