Places to go, ride safe, and teach

For any horse enthusiast, Craven County can be an ideal place to reap the benefits of horseback riding.

It is not only a liberating outdoor activity, but it is also therapeutic. Positive personality traits, physical health promotion, relaxation, companionship, and transportation are just a few of the many satisfying things that horses can offer.

When you are in the mood for something new and fun, try horse riding. Havelock resident Debbie Doe, as well as a rider of 55 years, says the equine community is large and welcoming in Craven County.

Four horse riding spots in the area

Operating the Gables Equestrian Center at 6 Gables Rd. In New Bern, North Carolina: This riding facility offers lessons, rides, horse shows, summer camp, and horses for sale or rent.

Rollover Downs at 1250 Rollover Creek Rd. In New Bern: Rollover Downs offers classes, coaching, boarding, and sales.

Cottonwood Farm is at 1700 Street Ferry Road. In Vansboro: Cottonwood offers boarding, an outdoor show, learning loop, cross-country playground, horse lessons for all levels, test rides, and more.

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