Malaki Branham of Ohio, EJ Liddell’s landing spot in a mock draft

There have been a slew of NBA Mock drafts hitting the incredible invention of the World Wide Web over the past week, and that’s because the NBA Draft 2022 is coming to an HD streamer or TV near you on Thursday night.

And with Ohio State’s EJ Liddell and Malaki Branham expected to join the party in Brooklyn, we’ve been paying a little more attention to these drafts than to recent drafts. Yes, it’s been a while since Ohio State can boast of watching players advance in the draft.

Our home country, USA TODAY, just brought out the last dummy NBA draft, and we’re here to bring the goods to you. Things keep changing with all the gossip and smoky screens out there, so we warn you not to take this all seriously, but you’re here for the fun, and that’s what we’re trying to deliver.

This is where Jeff Zilgate thinks both OSU players could land Thursday night and why.

February 21, 2022; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Bucks guard Branham’s owners (22) dribble past Indiana Hoosiers guard Parker Stewart (45) during the second half at Value City Arena. Credit: Joseph Majorana – USA Today Sports

Where might it land?

No. 15 overall (from New Orleans) to the Charlotte Hornets

What Zilgit says

“Branham loves to get to the edge, thrives on attacking transitions and can finish in the paint. On half-court sets, he moves well with and without the basketball as a playmaker and cutter. His 3-point shot wasn’t picture perfect, but he made 41.6% of that range He averaged 19 points in the last 10 games of the season. It fits in with the way Charlotte played up front last season even though the Hornets are without a coach now after Golden State assistant Kenny Atkinson slipped.”

Ohio State striker AJ Liddell officially announces the 2022 NBA draft

March 6, 2022; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State forward Bucks E.J. Liddell (32) celebrates his dunk during the first half against the Michigan Wolverines at Value City Arena. Credit: Joseph Majorana – USA Today Sports

Where might it land?

No. 20 overall pick (from Toronto) to San Antonio Spurs

What Zilgit says

“Liddell has improved across the board – shooting, passing, rebounding and blocking – in his junior season. Seen as a junior striker who can play some small ball forward power in the NBA, Liddell can play both indoors and outdoors offensively and has the strength to absorb contact and finish. At the edge. This would give the Spurs some volume.”

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