Glendale’s mixed-use development will be called the District at Sportsman’s Park

“District at Sportsman’s Park, Glendale” will be the name of a new, innovative and vibrant mixed-use development being built in collaboration between the City of Glendale, Arizona Cardinals and the Plaza Companies.

The 62-acre site is located east of Loop 101, south of State Farm Stadium and east of the new VAI Resort, which recently announced plans to build the state’s largest hotel. In addition, a new Mattel Adventure Park with brand experiences from Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels, Thomas & Friends, and Mattel Games is under construction within the VAI Resort. The area in Sportsman’s Park, Glendale, includes two plots of land in the northwest portion of the property owned by a subsidiary of the Arizona Cardinals. The remainder of the site is owned by the City of Glendale.

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When completed, the vision for this high-energy, mixed-use environment could include office, hospitality, shopping, dining, retail and multiple family uses. The site will be planned primarily to preserve parking at State Farm Stadium and VAI Resort while adding a vibrant fan experience.

A memorandum for the tendering of a 20+/acre plot in the northeastern part of the property for mixed-use development is expected to be put on the market in July.

The Sportsman’s Park brand is already a well-known identity with the Great Lawn at Sportsman’s Park and Heritage at Sportsman’s Park. Both venues are located west of State Farm Stadium and are used for special events and game days.

“We look forward to making the District at Sportsman’s Park, Glendale a reality for the city of Glendale and the region as a whole,” said Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies. “This strong public-private partnership will make a significant economic impact and will include an innovative development approach designed to make it stand out as a destination for businesses and visitors.”

The team will collaborate to create a vision for a strong, district-wide identity through the use of art, landscape, shade, and exciting comprehensive communication between State Farm stadium and throughout the project.

“The connectivity between the area at Sportsman’s Park, Glendale and State Farm Stadium — and the adjacent Great Lawn — provides a unique opportunity for an enhanced guest and user experience year-round as we continue to add amenities such as the Heritage at Sportsman’s Park and BetMGM,” said Michael Bidwell, owner of the Arizona Cardinals. We look forward to collaborating with Plaza Companies and the City of Glendale to create a distinctive mixed-use business center that attracts businesses, creates jobs and enhances our exceptional regional facilities.”

“This project will create new jobs for the community, attract business and commerce to the area and provide additional improvements to this critical area of ​​Glendale,” said Kevin Phelps, City Manager of Glendale. “We look forward to continuing to work with The Plaza Companies and Arizona Cardinals on this project as we create a new economic driver for the community, a vibrant business and a dynamic experience in Glendale that is unparalleled in the region.”

The project is adjacent to popular entertainment venues and comes at a time when the eyes of the world will soon turn to Glendale once again as State Farm will host the third Super Bowl in 2023 and the NCAA men’s basketball final for the second time in 2024.

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