All Remnants of Frost Island are registered in Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise It takes your hunting experience to the next level, with new additions of monsters, hunting areas, and items for you to collect. Archeology records are just some of the items we must collect, to learn more about the colorful area around Camorra village

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As the second region we will visit in this game, Frost Islands offers a frozen perspective on monsters like Somnacanth, Barioth and Goss Harag, and in its many caves and corridors we will find these hidden swords.

Frost Islands Remains Registry Sites

Relic Record #1

In the center of the map is a shrine, which is protected by a wall that is impossible to climb. You may need to grab an extra Wirebug, and make a series of jumps until you reach the top, where the trail is.

leftover log #2

From the main camp, go to this snowy, tree-lined area and climb the largest. A record of relics will be waiting on top of a gigantic branch.

Impact log #3

Go to that cliff and look up, and you will notice a small hole that you can climb into. There is a hidden shrine at the end of the tunnel, next to the ruins.

leftover log #4

If you head to the inner corner of this enclosed area, you will find a small cave entrance. Wander inside and eventually you’ll find an abandoned shrine with a sword in it.

leftover log #5

Climb up to this Melynx camp, and place a bomb next to the snowman who looks like a cat. Once it explodes, you will discover the trail where the snowman was once.

leftover log #6

Go to the abandoned ship, climb on it, and climb the mast. At the top of the mast you will find log relics.

leftover log #7

Head to the underground caves in the northern part of the map, and enter through the small entrance to this cave, where the archaeological record will wait.

Impact Record No. 8

Climb to the first level of this cliff, and run around until you find this small hole with a shrine inside. The Archeology Register will sit directly in front of the tombstone.

Impact Record No. 9

Reaching this trail will require a little careful climbing, you need to start climbing from the top on the right, and from there make a series of jumps and climbs until you reach the highest platform, with the sword inside.

Impact Record No. 10

From the previous platform, drop to the platform below, and you will see a small tunnel leading to Lily’s Jewel. Use the Great Wirebug to travel to the shrine which you can see from afar, and the relics record will be there.


Every time you get 5 antique records in this location, dealer Kagero will reward you with a decoration for your rooms.

  • 5 Relics Reward: Sculpture of the forest joss
  • 10 Effects Prize: tetranadon carving

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