Giants List Moves: Signed Two Rookie Trial Players

The New York Giants signed two test players to their 90-player roster after a second practice Saturday at the junior camp. Giants added Indiana defender Raiden Anderson and Maryland linebacker Jordan Mosley.

The two signatures put the giants in the 90-man limit. Any other signatures will require corresponding discounts.

Anderson had also attended the Green Bay Packers’ junior camp a week earlier as a test player. Anderson had 3.5 sacks and 8.5 sacks to lose with the Hoosiers last season while playing as a transfer after four years at the Ole Miss, and finished his college career with 10.5 sacks in 49 games.

Anderson, who is 6-foot-6 and weighs 276 pounds, was the 42nd Outstanding Defender in the Dane Brugler Guide draft for The Athletic. Bruegler writes:

Anderson looks at the part with its size, strength, and length to seal and control the point of attack. He has a strong stab, but his first step was mediocre with heavy legs that lacked cunning movements. It offers indoor and outdoor versatility, although its lack of pickpocketing may limit its gaming industry radius versus range. Overall, Anderson doesn’t have much in his bag of tricks as a pass prankster, but he’s a downhill bulldozer with ammo in his hands for power through soft shoulders.

Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan Anderson summed it up this way in his draft guide:

strength point:
Excellent size and frame to withstand the rigors of NFL POA. He’s a mission-focused player who does a solid job of playing his part.
He wears OL all day long with his physical strength and consistency in his approach. He’s able to shoot his hands fast on OL, forcing him to work all over the rep.

areas of improvement:
– He needs to play with a lot of dizziness within his game. Sometimes, it’s as if he’s thinking right there on the court, with the result that his play isn’t quite as fast.
– Should be better at quick disengagement from blocks. Hands should become more violent when powering.
Developing as more than just a gap occupant should be another goal for him as he moves forward.

The Giants drafted Anderson’s Indiana teammate, Micah McFadden, in the fourth round.

Mosley was ranked 68th for Brugler’s safety. He’s a solid 6-1 safe and 210 pounds and has played 36 games over four seasons with Terrapins. He led Maryland with 83 balls in 2021.

Here is Moseley’s exploratory report written before the 2021 season:

The Maryland Terrapins love to put Jordan Mosley one-on-one with tight ends and running backs because of his ability to defend space. The Mosley is a good size and is excellent at interfering – especially when you are in space. It was the safety that rival teams targeted because of the size advantages they had against him. He has also held out, for the most part, and shown good instincts and a strong tackler.

Mosley was often used near the line of melee as a nickel defender. He played a lot of casual coverage and showed the ability to stay with people. The thing that will hold him back is his lack of straight line speed. Often the target defender would cover the man with a sweep to get several yards between that and occasionally pass him when he’s not in space. It would drop him a bit in a deep classroom.

The Giants will wrap up their mini camp on Sunday, but there won’t be any fieldwork. OTA starts on Monday.

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