The California overhaul in American Truck Simulator continues in the latest update

Everything goes to American Truck Simulator; Not only is SCS Software currently working fully on previously announced expansions in Montana and Texas, but the developer has also been moving away from an overhaul in California — a second phase of that work is now available in a new update.

California, of course, was one of two states included in the launch of American Truck Simulator in 2016 (the other being Nevada), and it’s starting to pop up in the modern era, particularly alongside SCS’s increasingly impressive work on new state expansions.

As such, the developer has pledged to update the legacy site in 2020, aiming to bring it up to current map standards. Phase one of this rework arrived last July, making major changes to California’s northern road network, adding (and in a few cases, removing) landscape towns, and introducing border guard stations.

American Truck Simulator 1.44 Update Changelog Video.

And now, with Update 1.44 for American Truck Simulator, the second phase of the California SCS rework is officially upon us, and it’s a huge step forward.

Along with new roads, rest stations, landscaped cities, and border guard stations, not to mention new plants and textures, SCS has completely rebuilt five cities in Northern California—Eureka, Ukiah, Reading, Sacramento, and Truckee—from the ground up, adding new local landmarks and architecture along the way. .

Unfortunately, waves of modernization bid farewell to San Rafael due to map scale issues, but an entirely new city – said to be “much larger and of much greater importance in California’s road network” – will be added in the third phase of the current rework.

That’s not all in American Truck Simulator’s latest update, though. 1.44 also introduces a new cashback feature to offset any in-game currency spending on a third-party truck mod if the user decides to uninstall it.

There’s also a bit of a UI update to more clearly indicate factory, licensed, aftermarket, and unknown accessory parts while in the garage listing, and there are tweaks to the off-road exploration mechanic in American Truck Simulator. Now, when a new unmarked route is discovered, the route will be added to the map, making it easier to find on future trips.

And that’s still not all, as SCS is packing the 1.44 with everything from new private transports and posable deck trailers to adjustable suspension height and clever chain-change — all detailed more extensively on Steam.

As for American Truck Simulator’s next destination, we know that SCS is currently working hard on its expansions in Montana and Texas. They don’t have a release date yet, but SCS continues to detail progress in each state on its blog.

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