Belkin denies report it has released a true wireless charger

This morning, we heard some news that’s going to be exciting If this is true Belkin is working on what could be the first tool for consumers truly Wireless charging, the kind that broadcasts a small amount of energy through the air and across a room.

This is what Uri Moore, founder and chief business officer of Wi-Charge, said: Take Crunch This morning — to the point of claiming that Belkin will launch a specific consumer product “central” with the technology later this year.

But Belkin now denies much of this report, saying the edge This is not only that there is no product until today, but the two companies also have not moved to product idea stage so far.

Belkin spokeswoman Jen Wei confirmed that Wi-Charge and Belkin Act You have a partnership to explore some product concepts but that’ Take Crunch The story certainly captured liberties as to what we can promise now.”

“Currently, our agreement with Wi-Charge only obligates us to research and develop certain product concepts, so it is too early to comment on the timing of viable consumer products,” Wei writes.

Oddly enough, Wi-Charge does not defend the statements of its founders one way or the other: When we reached out to it, a spokeswoman for Merrill Freund did not confirm or deny whether its founder was telling the truth about it. Take Crunch An interview just hours ago. “We do not comment on Belkin other than what is in the release,” he wrote, adding that Wi-Charge intends to launch two wireless charging products “on our own.”

It’s not clear if Moore was lying or if he simply spoke without Belkin’s permission and is now screaming. But he clearly did not misspell – Take Crunch Quote after quote from Mor insists that Belkin has at least one product on the way.

Either way, if Belkin hasn’t made it to the product concept stage yet, the product certainly isn’t likely to come out this year, especially in the middle of the pandemic when many companies are having a hard time shipping products around the world.

Belkin appears excited about the possibility of a Wi-Charge partnership in a press release this morning, though:

“In line with our ongoing commitment to providing the best charging experience to our customers, we are excited to unveil the full potential of Wi-Charge’s unparalleled over-the-air wireless charging technology,” said Brian Van Harlingen, Belkin’s Chief Technology Officer. “The future of charging has shifted from wired to wireless for years now and we expect wireless over-the-air charging to accelerate this evolution.”

If the Belkin product doesn’t come true, it will be far From the wrong start to truly wireless power transmission. We’ve been on and off technology for more than a decade, watching companies like Energous and uBeam make promises and demos and go nowhere quickly. Recently, Chinese phone makers including Xiaomi, Oppo and Motorola have announced versions of the technology, but no release dates have been provided recently. There is no doubt that the technology works at the most basic level; The demos are compelling, but the companies haven’t stopped landing yet.

It was an “Oh, we’re actually getting a real product” moment from Wi-Charge as well, when she announced that the tech would be showing up in an Alfred ML2 lock at CES 2020. But we don’t see evidence that the lock will go on sale nearly two years later, the only mention being buried Its on the company’s website in a central page.

Wi-Charge also isn’t the kind that charges a laptop or phone, by the way: it only emits 1 watt using infrared light, which is barely enough to charge a pair of wireless earbuds and their charging case. However, it can keep low-power devices running constantly, saving batteries, and radiating power up to 40 feet, according to the company.

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